Ask Dr. Ruth-Maria about excellent ecollogically grown natural compositions:

Dr. Ruth-Maria Korth developed pharmaceutical preparations, diets and dietary supplements with ginkgoloides or products from ecologically grown plants containing vitamins, unsaturated fatty acids and antioxidant compounds against alcohol-mediated etherphospholipids (paf, lysopaf, LA-paf).*

Dr. Ruth-Maria Korth developed topical applications with ginkgoloides to protect the skin, the microcirculation, the subcutaneous tissue against aging, alcohol consumption, smoking, pollution, increased body weight, orange skin, lipoedema, striae, sclerosis and against lipid mediators and/or to prevent skin disorders (fidaderm®)*

Medical counseling about healthy food, diets, dietary supplements, self control, healthy exercises, medical home care, beauty and health.
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Monday: 3 to 6 p.m.
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®Dr. Ruth-Maria Korth is the registered proprietor of the Community trademark (No.001089622), FIDA (DE-2103365, DE-2036760), FIDADERM (DE-39527075, IR 664267), DE-39702954.3, FIDA (US-Reg.No.2,133,592) and FIDADERM (US-Reg.No.2,126,577).

*Dr. Ruth-Maria Korth is owner and inventor of intellectual propery rights: DE 29700734, DE 4244265.6, DE 3710921, European Patents: EP 0312913, EP 0604830, EP 0459432, EP 0540767; Australian Patent 613672, Japanese Patent 2539257 and of US Patent No. 5530023, US 5605927, US 5852052, US 5895785.